Treat them how you would like to be treated!


Shes like a sister to me from different mothers, she's recently moved over to Secondlife and being
a dev there too! She sometimes pops on imvu now and again. She taught me mostly everything i know! Im truely grateful shes so kind and generous with her friendship and her artwork is unbelievable! <3 I miss talking to her D:


A great friend he lets me bend his ear when i was really low and didnt know how
to cope with life in general, but yeah you were a fantastic help and you'll never know how much you helped having someone to talk to!! He taught me everything about photoshop and told me all it takes is trail and
error just like on paper.. but at least you dont have to buy all them COLOURS in pens anymore! haha!
Lou have been a great help helping me, with me and artwork! O_O haha

Adding more soonies :)