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Free tutorials for you :)
All over tutorial ;
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Skin and body:
A Little abit about this one here : )
Why Hello there, welcome to my page! Im known as Reme or Jessi, either I don't mind
Hmm, Well i came across imvu about 4 1/2 years ago now, and ever since then i found out that Artwork could be done on a computer! I couldn't believe it!
Now three years down the line, Im painting/editing Gasr before it got deleted...
Now on (GASRFORUM.COM) and you can request Personal Art work too!
Oh and I love my precious the Wacom bamboo tablet, its just the pressure sensitive thing I can draw with :')
They range from 40-$75
My skills have gotten better through trail and error. Its the way the human brain learns repeating them lines over and over again, just to create a beautiful picture!
I love movies, games, reading, and music! These are the things that keep my inspiration flowing...
Especially my love Ian! His is too very creative!! But his at work and doesnt draw very often!
I would like to say I am a very kind person my opinion kinda tends to change with my mood, which some find a tad annoying.. NUUUURR
I lurveee cups of TEA
I love to make people feel good about themselves.. i have good morals really.. simple as...
Treat others how you would like to be treated
Simple ash! ;D
OH MY I nearly forgot O_O I'm a cat lover.. although i love all forms of animals just CATS are so gorjuss!!
I have me cats now!! My Neo is black and a huge cat for a domestic cat ^-^ and Suki is a turtle-shell like a mixture of black and oranges and blondes XD and SHES a lil' midget with huge eyes O_O
So adorable ;D!

Yes I suffer with severe depression and anxiety but if I worry my life away, that is not a life.
I just learned to live with it, no matter what life has started off like you can change the future. That and falling in love probably helped me alot too.

Well that really does sum me up!
If you ever wanna talk or anything just leave me a message I'm sure I'll get back to you whether or not I'm busy! :)

Have a look through my page now :) Gowaan